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Carbon offset products

Offset your emissions

Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets – Australia

This ongoing project in a global biodiversity hotspot is restoring habitats for future generations.

Rwandan woman with an improved cook stove
Improved Cook Stove Project – Rwanda

Improved cook stoves reduce greenhouse emissions, improve community health and prevent deforestation.

sunlight through trees at YArra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor
Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor Project – Australia

This Gold Standard certified project is revegetating degraded land while removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Madre de Dios Project – Amazon Rainforest Peru

This project is protecting biodiversity and indigenous cultures in the Amazon Basin and mitigating climate change.

Renewable Energy Mixed Portfolio

Our hand selected credit bundle is made up of renewable energy projects from developing nations across the globe.

Hebei Yuxian Wind Power Project – China

This Verra verified wind power project avoids GHG emissions by producing and supplying green power to the grid.

solar power project
SB Energy Solar Power Projects – India

This solar power project generates clean, renewable energy to avoid GHG emissions in regions of India that are heavily reliant on fossil fuels.

Aerial view of rainforest and river in Brazilian Amazon
Fortaleza Ituxi Project – Amazon Rainforest Brazil

This project will conserve over 5,000 ha of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil from illegal logging.

Chakala Wind Power Project – India

This wind power project avoids greenhouse emissions through the generation of clean energy from a renewable source.

Usak Wind Power Project – Turkey

This large scale wind power project avoids the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity and promotes clean energy production.

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