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Your carbon solutions provider

Carbon Consulting

Create a more sustainable future

The increasing pressure for companies to respond to climate change makes it essential to know the impact your business is having.

Measure your impact

When you measure the impact of your business activities on climate change, you can account for and integrate solutions into your organisation’s sustainability strategy.

We work with a range of industries of varying sizes to measure carbon footprints and conduct energy audits. Our experienced Carbon Advisors can help you manage your greenhouse gas emissions and measure your footprint so you can align your business goals and sustainability strategy with confidence.

Carbon Consulting

Carbon Footprint Assessments

Gain insight into the business activities where GHG emissions are occurring with a carbon footprint assessment.

Why do a footprint?

When you measure the impact of your business activities on climate change, you can account for and integrate solutions into your organisation’s sustainability strategy.

How it works

Measuring your GHG emissions allows you to assess climate risks and accurately set emissions reduction targets. In choosing to understand and offset your organisation’s emissions, you show great environmental responsibility and leadership.

Setting emissions reduction targets allows you to: 

  • improve efficiency and reduce costs 
  • meet compliance requirements 
  • participate in carbon neutral supply chains 
  • decarbonise your business.


Our approach

Our Carbon Advisors work with your company staff to collect data around activities where emissions may occur, capturing both direct and indirect emissions, to produce a 12-month GHG emissions inventory.

We conduct our organisational carbon footprints consistent with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Climate Active.

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) evaluates the potential environmental impact of products and services during their entire lifecycle.

Often referred to as cradle-to-grave measurement, all emissions created are taken into consideration, from the initial extraction of materials right through to distribution and disposal. 

For products and services to be certified carbon neutral, a Life Cycle Assessment is required. Although LCAs are complex, the rewards for your brand are invaluable.

Benefits to business

Increased savings

Reduce your operational costs by being energy efficient

Meet supply chain demands

Attract environmentally conscious clients

Enhance your brand reputation

Sustainable practices are valued in the marketplace

Carbon Consulting

Energy Audit

An energy audit looks at the use of energy across all areas of your business.

Why do an audit?

Auditing your energy allows for you to become more energy-efficient and in doing so, reduce the costs of running your business.

We can look at how your business uses energy and recommend how to improve efficiency, as well as assist in alternative energy supply and generation.

How it works

Our Carbon Advisors will help you to evaluate and implement changes to:

  • minimise operating costs
  • reduce carbon emissions
  • raise your business profile
Our approach

It is important to involve staff across the business when implementing changes to ensure success in achieving energy efficiency and cost savings. We can help you engage and communicate with your team to build awareness on best practices.

Our Level 1 and 2 energy audits are in accordance with AS/NZS 3598:2000.

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Case Studies

We work with clients to align climate strategies with their organisational goals. 

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