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Brand Assets

Using our brand in your marketing

Information for our partners

We offer our partners the use of our brand assets including our logo for 12 months.

To be eligible you can purchase carbon offsets or support our Plant-a-Tree program.

The Carbon Neutral logo

Many of our customers choose to promote their environmental credentials on their website and other marketing collateral by displaying the Carbon Neutral logo.

The Carbon Neutral logo is a registered trademark and is the property of Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd (Carbon Neutral), an independent legal entity established and incorporated in Australia.

It symbolises a commitment to promoting care for our climate and the environment with carbon credits and / or native mixed species tree planting that promise real and additional emission reductions.

Carbon Neutral has established terms and conditions for use of the trademark that ensure that only those who adhere to its values and objectives can display the logo.

The Carbon Neutral trademarked logo may only be used in connection with activities belonging to the products and services that it covers, and only with prior consent of Carbon Neutral and acceptance of the Carbon Neutral Logo and Branding (Trademarks) Terms of Use.

Each approved user is required to sign a legally binding agreement that specifies the conditions mentioned above.

Brand Toolkit for Partners

Using the Carbon Neutral logo

By its very nature the Carbon Neutral logo has a high value and we are very protective of its use. We have strict guidelines for the use of our logo and ask that we have the final sign off on its use and placement.

  • Choose the logo/s you would like from the Brand Toolkit for Partners.
  • Download the Logo and Branding Terms of Use form.
  • Read and sign page 5 of the form.
  • Email your signed form along with the logos you are requesting.

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